San Juan, Puerto Rico

Congress Abstract 2012

Association of Private Education of Puerto Rico

Authorities Present:

Carmen Zoraida Claudio
Luis Roberto Piñero
Juan Consuegra
Luz Divina Piñero
Manuel Ángel
Ruth Reyes Ramos
J. R. Román
María A. Irizarry
Elsie Candelaria
Rosemary Morales
Aníbal Muñoz
Lowell Fiet
Juan C. Vadi
Carmen Enid Torres
Brenda Ortiz Nevárez
Irlanda Ruiz Aguirre

Luis Roberto Piñero (Honourary Director of FAEPLA and Founder of AEP)
Juan Consuegra (Vicepresident COMED-North America)
Edgardo N. De Vincenzi (President of COMED)

The Association of Private Education (AEP) of Puerto Rico is an organization that represents various educational institutions at the level of university, postsecondary, vocational, technical, secondary, elementary, preschool, nursery schools and summer camps, and whose mission is to strengthen and defend diversity educational that represents private education in Puerto Rico and deep it at the highest levels of quality and excellence.

Carmen Zoraida Claudio (President of AEP)

Headed by its President, Dr. Carmen Zoraida Claudio, the AEP faces the daily challenges of Puerto Rican private education at all levels, from the care centers to university graduate education on a continuous, dynamic, diverse, and, in many cases, in a significantly complex way. These challenges, in the words of Dr. Zoraida Claudio “... contrast with the extraordinary contribution the sector makes to the Puerto Rico society, evidenced by the success of its graduates, both in Puerto Rico and internationally, for the contribution to the economy made by the thousands who generate employment and above all, by the incorporation of active youths and adults who are supported by an excellent education, and above all, by outstanding formation as human beings.”

AEP aims to be the voice and instrument of Puerto Rican private education in the pursuit of educational excellence. Therefore, it annually brings together the leading figures in education to the Annual Convention of the Association of Private Education (AEP), which takes part in the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico to discuss the questions that now arise in the educational world and the actions to be taken to achieve quality education in this globalized world. In the 2012 edition of the convention, held on 9th an 10th February in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Edgardo Nestor De Vincenzi, President of the World Confederation of Education (COMED), was summoned to lecture about one of the main objectives for which COMED participates in these international activities, which is to achieve quality education for every citizen of the world.