Caracas, Venezuela

Diego de Losada Order

Republic of Venezuela

Orden Diego de Losada

Diego de Lozada and the Order that carries his name:

Diego de Losada was a conqueror and the founder of Santiago de León de Caracas, after the unsuccessful attempts made by Francisco Fajardo. Like most of his contemporaries, the interest to meet the New World after its discovery by Chistopher Colombus in 1492, brought him to this land to follow such goals.

One of the first great undertakings in which Losada takes part in 1549 is the foundation of Nueva Segovia de Barquisimeto in 1552, accompanied by senior officials of the time. He was also mayor of this city and formed a family with his wife Catalina Rojas, wit whom he had five children.

His long history in construction, development, discovery and government in Venezuela until his death in 1569 has contributed to the creation of the Order “Diego de Losada”, one of the oldest of its kind, which was designed to honor those who have significantly contributed to the development and progress of the community in various fields.

Dr. Edgardo Nestor de Vincenzi receiveing the Order Diego de Losada

The career of Dr. Edgardo Nestor de Vincenzi in education as president of COMED and his constant struggle for the primary purpose of this confederation, which is “education of quality for every citizen of the world”, has earned him the honor of receiving in October 1997 the Order “Diego de Losada” by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.